Life Change Stories

Lead Pastor, Greg Peters has often said that life change is best measured with "stories of life change."  Revelation 12:11 reminds us that we can overcome through "The word of our testimony."  We are proud to showcase these stories of life change that illustrate the radical transformation of individuals through Gospel-centered living.



Liz's Baptism Story

With her "God-sized" story, Liz's testimony was featured at our 2018 Spring Night of Worship.

Ricky Beats Cancer

Ricky shares his recent ordeal with cancer but sheds light on the importance of being in Christian community.

Mary's Moment

Is it possible to be a Christian all your life? Join Mary as she comes to the moment of realization that she was born a sinner.

John Madison

What is salvation? Journey with John as he moves from seeker to believer to leader.

Agnes Powell

James 2:17 says, "Faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead." Desiring to put faith into action, the Men's Ministry of Parkview strategically teamed up with single mom, Agnes Powell, to transform her house into a home.

Peggy Noel

Peggy shares how her battle with cancer only deepened her relationship with God and her family.

John Kelly

Sometimes blessings come in unusual ways. For John, his blessing was the gift of multiple sclerosis.  

Chris and Chrissy King

Overcoming addictions and personal defeat, God brings two together to form a marriage based on a solid foundation.

Barry Peters

Generosity reflects God's heart for His people.  In this segment, one of Parkview's most beloved members, Barry Peters, shares why he is compelled to give to the church.